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best of 2006

Hey all,
Just thought I'd share my "Best of 2006" list
I might add more once I'm back at my home computer, but this is what I though of off the top of my head

She Wants Revenge: [eponymous]
Ah, goth rock returns! Yeah, the guys voice might drive you a bit crazy. But it’s so addicting!

Totally awesome electro-dance. My fave is the track “Meeting Paris Hilton” heh
The bitch said yeah, the bitch said yeah, the bitch said yeah yeah yeahyeah yeah

The Knife: Silent Shout
This band reminds me of Bjork except now when Bjork’s weird it’s like, oh yeah. There she goes being weird again. Like we know how to calculate how weird she’ll get. But the Knife is weid in a new, exciting way!

White Rose Movement – Kick
Seriously, if you haven’t heard or heard of this band, check them out. Skip the first track until you’re already in love with them, because it’s a bit wierd, but CHECK IT OUT!

VHS or Beta – You Got Me Maxi Single
Dude, I just love the Baby Daddy mix on this thing.

Provocateur – Consider This a Warning
This is a fantastic electro-pop EP from the duo consisting of Stacia from Infrastructure doing the music and Matthew Connor a southern jazz/opera singer doing lyrics and vocals. Check out a few tracks on their MySpace page here

We Are Scientists – With Love and Squalor
Awesome indie rock/pop. And a cover with kitty-cats on it. Adorable!

Caustic – Unicorns, Kittens and Shit
This guy is so funny, I couldn’t help but put him on here. Yes, his songs DO make your ears bleed, but at least yuo’re laughing right? RIGHT? Hehe

Mindless Self Indulgence – Straight to Video The Remixes
I have a track that appears on this disc, and I still think it’s really good.

Eagles of Death Metal – Death by Sexy
So silly, so campy, so rock-y. Love it.


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