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Last night was awesome! Thanks everyone that made it out, hope your Thanksgiving isn't ruinined by a big ol hangover.

HAve a geat day and see you next week when we welcome back guest DJ jstatic

Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods

thanks for the list, Cracked Magazine

See you tonight, perhaps?

If not, have a great Thanksgiving and we'll see you next week!

Wednesday Nov 22nd

tower records - going out of business

I totally went crazy in Tower Records the other day. I walked into the Harvard Square store and dropped almost two hundred bucks on CDs. Hopefully I will feed some hungry musicians, or at least help them remodel their kitchen.

The list 'o discs under the cut

Kind of like a feeding frenzy...Collapse )
a bunch of them (like the White Rose Movements) are imports, but I got them for cheap. sweet!

guest DJ tonight - Baldur

Hey all,
Tonight Shift is pleased to welcome Baldur for a minimal-techno set.
He's performed at Dance 'n Art, as well as local spots such as River Gods, and his sets are fantastic!

Come out early! Shift is on from 10 pm to 1 am at Redline.

No cover, no age limit, no dress code.

DJ Blixxie at Shift tonight!

Hey all,
I'm happy to be bringing DJ Blixxie to spin some tracks at tongiht's Shift! Her "demo" CD (actually just a sneaky way for me to get new mix CDs to listen to) was totally great, and I can't wait to see what she decides to play tonight.

toniiight at Shift

Tunes by the fabulous Arcanus from ceremony, Nox and many many others) and a little bitty birthday shindig for Amy of GothicMaine fame.
(yes, I said fame. no, I have no idea if there will be cake. just bring some if you have some, hear?)

Return of Terminal Beach!

DJ/hostess Lauren will be doing an early set at Shift tonight with her first DJ set in a looong time. Her show, Terminal Beach, was on WJUL Lowell radio a few years ago, and I can't wait to have her spin.

Also, a blast from Manray's past - the Man in the Hat will mayhaps put in a guest appearance.

See you out!

Tomorrow at Shift - guest set by PhatMike

Hey all,
Shift is pleased to welcome a guest set by PhatMike, mastermind behind Jukebox Heroes and My So Called 90's Night (also the now-defunct Defmatch).

C'mon out for what promises to be a blast!

Tonight -Loews not Brattle & DJ Volvox

Sorry all,
The movie will be at the Loews not at Brattle. Read your invite for the correct place. I'm a big dumb-head.

Also tonight DJ Volvox rox the dex!

Come by even if you couldn't make the movie for more Gondry stuff on the TV, as well as movie promo stuff. (What, I have no idea)